An old style tradition


The taste of the past. These are the three factors that characterize our vegetable preserves, creams and extra virgin olive oils. This is something we made our own thanks to a long family tradition consisting of generations of farming.

It was in the sixties that Neno and Nena Agnoni, newlyweds, decided to take that one decisive step that would change their family history forever. They decided to buy their own farm.

Neno and Nena lived in Cori, near the ancient Roman temple of Hercules. Every day they headed to the countryside with their Lambretta, and there they spent their summers, living in a hut with straw beds. But the desire to create something with their own hands, something that would last for a lifetime, is great. What followed was the decision to buy the Copellaro farm situated just outside the town. This step was important and the consequent financial sacrifice was enormous for the couple considering they came from families of merchants and farmers that had been through many hardships, including the two world wars. They took on the project and carried it out personally for over forty years by saving every penny in order to make their many monthly payments. Even after Neno’s death, his companion of a lifetime, Nena does not give up. With the help of her children and their families, Nena continues what she started together with her husband.

Today new generations continue this tradition which has one main purpose: to innovate and at the same time to maintain their identity. Time and experience taught us, the family members, what was needed to know about agriculture, how to work the land and how to keep the taste of its products intact. We have turned it into an art and we believe that, like all arts, also this one, enrichened by knowledge and modern technology, should continue to be handmade as much as possible. We believe in the land, in its rhythms, in its flavors and in the hard work of men and, now as in the past, in the effort to offer them to our customers.