The Itrana olive

Among the jewels of our area, which boasts a tradition centuries-old of olive growing, a star that shines among all: the Itrana olive.

Also known as the olive of Gaeta, a large olive, Itrana or Esperia, which is a typical Lazio variety, grown in particular in Cori and in some areas of the province of Latina rigidly identified by a specification.

Its main feature is undoubtedly its versatility: usually between March and April, although it ripens very late, it can also be pick around mid-November. When it is still green, the Itrana provides an excellent oil, delicate and moderately acid, but it is also suitable for being consumed in brine (White Itrana). If left on the plant until maturity, however, it takes on a purplish color and becomes an excellent black table olive.

The peculiarities and the organoleptic properties of the Itrana were very much appreciated already in past centuries, when nobles demanded them on their table, and are returning to the international fame in recent years.

itrana olive