Dining with Arcimboldo

Dining with Arcimboldo

Colour your moments together with friends and family with the Arcimboldo selection. More than dishes: your recipes will look like compositions made with garden products.

Just like a painting, you can leave room for your imagination for creative aperitifs, dinners and lunches.

The selection includes:

  • 1 jar of cafona-style artichoke (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of eggplant and tomato bundles (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of balsamic onions (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of yellow and red peppers (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of broccoli (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of grilled olives (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of sliced aubergines (210 gr)
  • 1 jar of artichoke cream (135 gr)
  • 1 jar of tomato cream (135 gr)
  • 1 jar of eggplant cream (135 gr)
  • 1 jar of black olive cream (135 gr)


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