Ode to the Artichoke

Ode to the Artichoke

The artichoke is made of a soft heart and resistant leaves. Each of its parts is tasty and provides specific health benefits to consumers.

With this selection Agnoni pays tribute to one of the most important products: the artichoke. This selection of recipes enhances the different nuances of the artichoke flavour in a surprising tasting journey.

The selection includes:

  • 1 jar of “Cafona-style” artichokes (540 gr.)
  • 1 jar of artichokes with stem (540 gr.)
  • 1 jar of grilled artichokes (540 gr.)
  • 1 jar of artichoke hearts (540 gr.)
  • 1 jar of artichoke cream (135 gr.)
  • 1 jar of artichoke and pepper cream (135 gr.)


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